MAGTF Planner Specialist - Albany, GA

MAGTF Planner Specialist - Albany, GA

  • Albany, GA
  • Full-Time
  • Posted February 05, 2018

About this Position

Professional Analysis, Inc. (PAI) is seeking an MAGTF Planner Specialist for the Marine Force Storage Center (MFSC) Integrated Logistics and Distribution Support program.  The MAGTF Planner Specialist supports such areas as the care of supplies in storage, inventory management and control, serialization, general warehousing, storage, tactical vehicle maintenance, kitting, marking and labeling equipment (i.e. pRFID tagging, IUID tagging, etc.), and distribution of Marine Corps Principle End Items (PEIs).  The MAGTF Planner Specialist will report to the Task Order Project Manager. Position is contingent upon award of contract.

Specific Tasks Include:
• Plan and coordinate movement of major end items and associated materials globally using full FDP&E procedures or standard Marine Corps/Navy transportation procedures as appropriate
• Provide updated status reports on cargo from planning to delivery
• Plan, construct, and input all required JOPES transactions for Time Phased Force Deployment Data preparation and execution on a timely basis
• Process all cargo to ensure compliance with both theater and DOD requirements to include the creation of any and all appropriate transportation/customs required documentation and/or data in hard copy or required electronic format for level IV and VI information
• Create and transfer data to appropriate activities for modal manifest requirements using MDSS II or other systems as appropriate
• Create all MARCORLOGCOM related JOPES Newsgroups
• Monitor all JOPES Newsgroups and respond as required
• Produce and affix all Automated Information Technology (AIT) according to DOD and service regulations
• Functional knowledge of JOPES, JFRG II, MDSSII, IBS, SMS, Mozilla Thunderbird Newsgroups, ICCLEAR, IGC, and ICODES applications. 

Requirements for This Position Include:
• Shall have 8 years’ experience managing Marine Corps/Navy logistics operations, specifically MAGTF Planner operations
• Shall possess an Associate’s degree in Business, Management, Supply Chain, or an equivalent combination of experience and education
• Must possess a good working knowledge of the following programs:
  o Global Combat Support System Marine Corps (GCSS MC)
  o Joint Container Management (JCM)
  o Automated Manifest System-TACTICAL II (AMS-TAC II)
  o Integrated Data Environment/ Global Transportation Network Convergence (IGC)
  o Joint Operation Planning and Execution Systems (JOPES)
  o MAGTF Deployment Support System II (MDSS II)
  o Defense Transportation Regulations
  o MS Office Business Suite
  o Single Mobility System (SMS)
  o Integrated Booking System (IBS)
  o Joint Force Requirement Generator (JFRG II)
  o Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES)
• Preferred qualifications include:
  o Marine Corps logistics background

Some Travel may be required.

To apply, please email your resume to [email protected]

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