Senior ILS/Configuration Analyst New

Logistics Support Services

  • Norfolk, VA
  • Full-Time
  • Posted May 09, 2018

About this Position

Experience providing ship acquisitions or fleet sustainment logistics support services to MSC, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, or commercial ship operating companies, to include but not limited to the following:

- Equipment provisioning and allowance modeling to support preventative (planned), corrective (unplanned), and alterative (e.g. TRANSALTs, MACHALTs, etc) maintenance.

- Sourcing of material from commercial and federal sectors.

- Ship repair planning and specification development processes.

- Marine engineering system preventative and corrective maintenance.

- Utilize databases/systems such as CLIP/CMLS, ShipCLIP, WinMASP, NTCSS, CDMD-OA, SCLSIS, MERLIN, ICAPS or IHS Haystack. 

How to Apply

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